As part of the Enterprise Services Experience Design team, I worked with a Global internal sales team to re-envision and redesign the UX/UI of internal software tools, including an entirely new Configure, Price, Quote platform to be expanded to all global sales teams. Tasks included providing UX/UI expertise and support for consolidation and migration of large software portfolio to a new platform with design supporting Mircrosoft’s newest design language and libraries. Worked with internal user research team to elucidate best-in-class user experiences that are directly associated with user needs.

More context and additional UI can be seen here (PDF.)


n2Uitive corporation



n2uitive is a leading enterprise-level Saas platform that enables insurance professionals to record, annotate, store, share and transcribe claims statements. With large insurance clients like Liberty Mutual and Farmer’s, n2uitive’s platform (known as n2view) enables claims adjusters and supervisors to record claims statements and store all relevant data that the organization will need to process claims.


Because the user workflow varies in the field, my goal for the UX was to ensure the user base would intuitively understand how to do familiar tasks in a new system while providing an experience that allows and encourages them to explore the additional capabilities of the tool.

In addition to the primary user workflow, there is also a supervisor workflow that enables a global view into a team’s claims records, status, completed and incomplete tasks.


Primary Dashboard View



Upon logging into the system, the user will see a primary dashboard. Completed and incomplete records are displayed along with “quick look” relevant information to enable easy tracking of tasks and status. Each row contains relevant information about important records and data and icons represent status. A sidebar displays personalized lists (containing selected items of importance), system and status updates. Prominent controls on the dashboard enable a user to directly start a task.


Adjuster Workflow


As users proceed through the workflow, they are able to access important controls and tools to create and/or process a record.


Sketch Libraries


scalability and future look

The first launch of the tool will be in early 2019 as a MVP. However, the product roadmap has many technology features that will require UX/UI iterations and expansion. In addition, clients often have different asks for features and the tool is designed in a way to accommodate a high degree of customization. To accommodate this, I created a thorough pattern library in Sketch that will ensure future iterations will have a consistent UI and component implementation for any designer or developer.

Working with a highly capable development and product teams in Brazil and Seattle required strict version control process to handle the number of iterations during the design and development process. I used Abstract with Sketch to handle visual design version control as well as design presentation and review tool.


Miscellaneous Internal Tools Artifacts

Miscellaneous UX artifacts. Left: Decision tree for interview bot. Right: Internal tool for popular cruise line (in collaboration with another UX professional.)

Miscellaneous UX artifacts. Left: Decision tree for interview bot. Right: Internal tool for popular cruise line (in collaboration with another UX professional.)